Cataract Extraction in Claremore

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3 Cataract Extraction Myths Debunked One of the most common causes for vision loss today in people over 40 years of age is cataracts, which is a clouding of the eye’s natural lens which lie behind the iris and pupil. Cataract extraction is necessary to treat the condition; however, many myths surrounding the procedure makes most people apprehensive about undergoing cataract surgery. Here is a look at the truth behind some of the most common myths. 1. Myth: Cataract surgery is a painful procedure. Fact: Of course it is uncomfortable; however it does not hurt. You will be first sedated wherein the doctor numbs your eye and make a small incision. It is through this incision that your doctor breaks the cataract using ultrasound. The clouded lens is then replaced with a synthetic one. Recovery from the procedure is quicker than thought. 2. Myth: You know when you need to undergo cataract surgery. Fact: This is not true as most people with cataract don’t even know their vision has blurred. They even state that the cataract doesn’t interfere with their activities. It is only after cataract extraction that they start enjoying life more. Though the need for surgery starts in the 60s and 70s, they actually develop much earlier. 3. Myth: You cannot slow the development of cataracts. Fact: Cataracts are a part of the aging process; however you can protect your eyes by wearing shades when in the sun in both summer and winter as chronic UV radiation exposure helps cataract grow faster. Even supplements with zinc, lutein and zeaxanthin may help slow down cataract growth. For more information on cataracts and cataract extraction, visit or call them at 1-918-266-3411 for an appointment.

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