Eye Problems in Catoosa

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Are you having eye problems in Catoosa? There are few people who do not dread eye problems. Eye examinations are painless and necessary, especially as we age. There are times when eye problems are unavoidable, but there is no excuse for not having your eyes checked routinely. If you have some clouding in your vision, there is a possibility that cataracts may be forming. Perhaps your field of vision is degenerating through the middle of your field of vision. This is macular degeneration. Glaucoma can sneak up on a patient. By the time a person realizes there is a problem, permanent damage has been done. A dilated eye exam at Vision Eye Medical at annual intervals can help to prevent permanent damage and control the advance of problems that are already in existence. Glaucoma is second only to diabetes as a cause of blindness in the United States. A dilated eye exam can detect the early stages and medication can slow the progression. The point to remember is that if you are having any difficulty with your vision, you should see an eye professional. Only an ophthalmologist can perform a dilated eye exam. An optometrist can diagnose some of the possibilities of the disease, but cannot do the detailed examination necessary to positively diagnose them. It is not normal to have your field of vision reduced or to have pain in your eyes. When you need to have extra light to perform normal tasks such as reading or crafts, it is time to call for an appointment to have your eyes thoroughly examined. It can be a life changing event.

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